It all starts with a splash of water ...

Autumn is in the house - then there must be malting!

Thornæs - Selected products from Strathearn Distillery is the malt distillery from Portgordon Malting, which is one of Scotland's central malting plants.

In September we went for a walk past Portgordon Malting to see how the malted barley is made. This year's harvest means that approx. 45,000 tons in 4-5 weeks.

The harvested malting barley arrives in trucks and is emptied into a auger that leads the barley to large storage silos.

The malt is wetted several times to speed up the germination process. The large vessels can hold 220 tons, and the malting plant has four vessels.

The green malt is sent for drying, and some get added smoke along the way. The dried peat is ready on the site, and the oven emits smoke so that it can be smelled all over the plant. The oven lid remains open so that no pressure builds up in the smoke chamber.

The pre-dried malt is poured back into the truck and driven either directly to the distillery or to a packing plant where it is poured into sacks.

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