Whiskey distillery - we build!

Thornæs Distillery has reached a turning point. From being an enthusiastic, promising, inspiring - but nonetheless, a desk project - these days it's turning into reality.

North Zealand's first whiskey distillery is currently under construction in a renovated horse stable from 1923. The stable, which was originally built to house the then favorite draft animals, belongs to the farm Falkendal, which is located just north of Hillerød. Just outside the front door you will find some of North Zealand's most beautiful nature with a view to Zealand's largest forest, Gribskov, and the beautiful Solbjerg Engsø.

The equipment has been ordered - the date is set (almost)

The name Falkendal does not surprisingly come from the many kestrel that breed in the area. The large farm could now have been called Ørnebo or Dådyrsminde, because the area is full of wildlife that lives in Gribskov, or who come from far away and use the lake as a resting place and packed lunch.

The work of converting the old construction from barn to distillery is well underway, and although there is still a long way to go before we can fire up under the boilers, we are determined to run our first batches in the month of November.

There is equipment on way from all over the world - Portugal, Italy, Germany and the Far East - and when everything is connected and ready to start, we will be one of the few distilleries in Denmark that have chosen to heat our boilers with steam. What effect it has on the distillate, we will tell about another time - but we think it is quite positive.

Work in progress

The next few weeks will be hectic, and a lot will happen in terms of interior design, installation, testing of equipment and much, much more. We will try to keep you updated on our progress as best as possible via newsletters and social media.

Until then, we can offer a small photo cavalcade that gives a sense of the place and the work that is in walk on the farm.

The old concrete floor is removed.

Point foundations have been set for new load-bearing construction.

Gribskovsmeden welds feet on the steel girders and attaches them to the foundation.