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Whiskey bond

Thornæs Whisky Bond

With a Thornæs Whiskey Bond you can help us produce the very first single malt whiskey from North Zealand in Denmark. One bond will pay for the production of one cask of whiskey, and to repay your trust we will reserve a small portion of the content for you to enjoy, when the whiskey is fully matured. Thus you get hold of something, which is extremely precious to us: The very first whiskey from our distillery.

The program contains four types of whiskey.

# 1: Danish Single Malt whiskey matured in 50-64 liter casks made of Danish oak . We expect a wonderfully complex and slightly spiced whiskey with plenty of zesty tannins.

# 2: Danish Single Malt whiskey matured in 55 liter ex-borbon casks made of white American oak. Classic bourbon effect with plenty of vanilla, coco, toffee and extra sweetnes.

# 3 Danish Single Malt whiskey matured in 50-64 liters ex-sherry casks (oloroso) . The sherry cask puts emphasis on sweet berries, dried prunes, and a dash of delicious sherry to top it off.

# 4 Danish Single Malt made of 50% peated barley , matured in 50-64 liters new european oak. We expect a wonderfully complex and mildly peated whiskey that completes the whiskey rather than threatens to set off the fire alarm, approx. 20-25 ppm.

The program will continue until all bonds are sold. If you want to know more about our bonds, including prices and conditions, use our contact formula to order a prospectus or give Torben a call on 0045 5091 5890.