Thornæs Destilleri

Barrel share - Smoked Single Malt Whiskey aged on new European oak

4.750 kr

Our smoked Thornæs Single Malt Whiskey is aged in 50 liter oak barrels of the type Quercus Robur, which is the most well-known variant of European oak. New European oak gives a more spicy and distinct taste to the distillate, which we believe will be a good match in a lightly smoked whiskey.

We like smoke in whiskey, but it must be an element among all others, so therefore we are less generous with the smoked malt compared to, for example, the varieties found from the Scottish islands. We mix smoked malt with regular malt, and thus aim for a more harmonious whiskey with good complexity and light to medium smoke.

The raw distillate is matured in a 50 liter dish and is expected to be filled in the second quarter of 2020. The dish is insured for the entire storage period and is stored by Thornæs Destilleri ApS.

Your share includes

  • 1/10 barrel share gives about eight bottles of whiskey of 50 cl. tapped at barrel strength (56-58% alk./vol.)

  • The dish is bottled immediately after three years from the date of filling unless otherwise agreed. Additional storage can be purchased. The bottled bottles will be affixed with the Private Cask label, which i.a. shows dish type, distillation date, bottling date, dish owner name and other essential information.

  • When we fill the barrel, we take a sample of the raw distillate and send it to you so you can follow the development of your whiskey from start to finish. If the barrel is already filled at the time of purchase, a sample from the current production will be sent. At least once during the ripening period, we bid inside the distillery to taste your dish. If you are prevented, we are happy to send a sample by post, but we still hope that you can find time in the calendar, because tasting directly from the barrel is one of the great experiences as a dish owner.

  • You will receive a cask ownership certificate describing your ownership and when the cask is ready for delivery. If the dish is waiting to be filled, we will send you an updated proof. Purchase of barrel share includes all taxes and fees.

Not included in your purchase

Freight in connection with. Bottle delivery is not included.


The general terms and conditions for the purchase of whole barrels and barrel shares are stated in our barrel share program, Thornæs Cask Owner's Club