Thornæs Destilleri

Guided tour of the distillery

195 kr
Have a look inside Danish whisky and spirits production

At Thornæs Distillery you can experience how Danish malted barley is transformed into Danish Single Malt Whisky, and how herbs and spices can be used to create exciting varieties of e.g. gin and other types of spirits. Along the way, we talk about the individual processes - about the malt, which is mashed and fermented into wash, and about the wash, which becomes malt spirit and then whisky. We inspect the herbs, which are the main ingredient in our gin and aquavit, and finally we offer a tasting with a selection of our current products.

Find a date that fits your calendar and book a tour. We look forward to presenting and serving Danish spirit tradition.

Cancellation due to illness or the like. will be notified by mail.