Thornæs Destilleri

Thornæs - Danish Single Young Malt

469 kr

Thornæs Danish Single Young Malt is the very first release from our warehouse, and as such a unique product that only happens once in a distillery's lifetime.

Our Young Malt has been resting for 17 months. The first 12 months in two new Danish oak casks (50 liters), and the remaining five months in a Bourbon quartercask barrel (125 liters).  239 bottles were bottled in total and every single one is numbered.

Taste and aroma: Good sweetness with vanilla and caramel, but also notes of citrus, pine and oak shavings. Green grass and fresh hay in the nose followed by more citrus and the familiar hints of toffee, vanilla and dried apricot.

Alc./vol .: 49.6%
Quantity: 239 pcs
Vol .: 375 ml.