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Article: New emission is helping us take the next step

New emission is helping us take the next step

New emission is helping us take the next step

As a company we are now entering af new exciting phase.

By completing af new emission and inviting new shareholders into our midst we are taking a huge step forward to become a true scale-up company. The raised capital will be used to further empower our business by growing the capacity of the whisky production line as well as allocating significant funds into sales and marketing.

The sales and marketing part vil especially be focused on export, starting with the propagation of our current gin brand, Mad Owl Gin, and later our growing portfolio of Thornæs Danish Whisky.

Our goal is to become a major producer of Danish Whisky, focusing on a single estate concept where organic grain from our farm and casks made of wood from our region will help us create unique quality products.

The emission is taking place as an Equity Crowdfunding and is managed by Finreg Solutions AB, which is part of the Spotlight Group. If you want to know more about the current emission, please visit our Crowdfunding campaign site her:

Or contact Equity Manager Josefine Wahlqvist directly at Finreg Solutions:

Mobile: +46 79 006 31 91


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