Historien om Thornæs Destilleri

A 12 year old dream

Thornæs Distillery is the dream of a real whiskey distillery in Kongernes Nordsjælland, which develops, produces and sells Danish Single Malt whiskey. The dream belongs to lyricist, journalist and whiskey enthusiast Torben Thornæs Andersen, who at the end of 2017 got the idea that he would taste his own 12-year-old whiskey before he turned 60 years old. Therefore, something should happen soon…

The dream he took with him to Scotland, where travel through The Highlands and Speyside led to a unique insight into one of the world's oldest whiskey industries. The result was a professional network of extremely friendly and knowledgeable Scots, who have helped shape the foundation of Thornæs Distillery.

With the good North Zealand malting barley right outside the door and unimaginable amounts of clean, tasty groundwater under your feet, Thornæs Distillery has the optimal starting point for producing Danish whiskey of the highest quality. By maturing the whiskey in 50-100 liter barrels, we achieve a faster maturation and a wider range of unique whiskeys. Thus, many good bottles of whiskey should have been put in the barrel, many of which will be ready to drink long before Torben meets his deadline.

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