Breaking from London

Honors to Mad Owl Gin!

This year's International Wine & Spirits Competition in London gave precious metal to all three of our contestants. Mad Owl Gin London Dry, Citrus and Herbal all found their way to the podium. The winners of this year's IWSC were announced on June 30 and have been found by blind tasting among over 1000 different varieties in the gin category.

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distilled small batch gin from Thornæs

Mad Owl Gin

Falkendal aquavit

New for the lunch table

The large cold table can hardly be said to be complete unless covered with an inviting and chilled Akvavit. Falkendal AKVAVIT is our offer of the classic Nordic brandy - a soft and full-bodied schnapps, which is of course distilled on our copper boilers.

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Visit our distillery

Book a tour with tasting

Come and experience the unique atmosphere of a real "craft distillery". At Thornæs Distillery you get, among other things. insight into how malting barley is transformed into single malt whiskey, and how herbs and spices can be used to create exciting varieties of i.a. gin and other types of spirits.

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Visit our farm shop

Come by and experience all our current products along with a small selection of other local specialties.
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Welcome to Thornæs Cask Owner's Club

Your very own whiskey cask

Imagine being able to pull the stopper of your very own whiskey in just 3-4 years! At Thornæs Distillery, we store your raw alcohol in 50 - 55 liter oak barrels. The small 'quarter casks' give a fully mature whiskey in less time. And the result is impressively good!

Choose from three types of whiskey, and look forward to
extra benefits as a cask owner.

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Where can I buy locally?

Our dealers

You are very welcome to use our webshop on this page, but if you would rather shop our products in a local store near you, here is a list of options.

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Contract distillation

Are you looking for a place where you can get help producing small batch spirits for your own brand or private label, a company anniversary or social event?

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