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Mad Owl Gin - Oak aged

399 kr

Oak aged with a splash of vanilla and toffee

Mad Owl Gin - Oak aged has been on bourbon wooden barrels for over 3 months. The result is an exclusive, cask-ripened gin with delicate notes of vanilla, caramel, coconut and oak. The bourbon dish is made of white American oak, which is the traditional wood for storing American bourbon.

The delicious taste of juniper and coriander combined with vanilla and caramel makes Mad Owl Gin - Oak aged the ideal mixer with ginger ale and lots of ice cream. It can now also be eaten 'on the rocks' if you want to enjoy the full taste of the bourbon dish.

Vol: 50 cl.
Alk / vol: 47.5%

General about Mad Owl Gin

Mad Owl Gin is a tribute to the owl, who used to live in the attic of our building, but who moved because we made too much noise. Sorry!

We distill the gin in the traditional way with herbs directly in the copper kettle and in the herb basket, which is mounted on the gooseneck. The result is a series of tasty and very characteristic gin variants, which are clear in their profile and easy to mix.

All our Mad Owl Gin is distilled at our distillery in Kagerup in North Zealand and is based on organic grain spirits.