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Mad Owl Gin - Oak aged

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Oak aged with a splash of vanilla and toffee

Mad Owl Gin - Oak aged has rested in bourbon wooden casks for several months. The result is an exclusive, cask-matured gin with delicate notes of vanilla, caramel and oak. The bourbon cask is made of white American oak, which is the traditional wood for maturing American bourbon.

The delicious taste of juniper and coriander combined with vanilla and caramel makes Mad Owl Gin - Oak aged the ideal mixer with ginger ale and lots of ice. It can also be enjoyed 'on the rocks' if you want to experience the full taste of the bourbon cask.

Vol: 50 cl.
Alc. / vol: 47.5%

About Mad Owl Gin

Mad Owl Gin pays tribute to the owl, who used to live in the attic above the distillery, but who moved because we made too much noise. Sorry!

Our gin is distilled in a traditional way with herbs directly in the copper still and herbal basket, which is mounted on the lyne arm. The result is a series of full-bodied and delicious gin variants, which are easy to identify, easy to mix and very easy to enjoy.

All Mad Owl Gin is distilled at our distillery in Kagerup in North Zealand, Denmark, and based on organic grain spirit.

Mad Owl Gin - Oak aged
Mad Owl Gin - Oak aged Sale price359,10 kr Regular price399,00 kr