Thornæs Cask Owner's Club

Experience your very own raw spirit turn into Danish single malt whiskey

When you buy a dish or a dish share from Thornæs Distillery, you automatically become part of Thornæs Cask Owner's Club. An informal club that brings you a little closer to the experience by maturing your raw alcohol for whiskey here with us in Kagerup.

As the owner of 1/10 whiskey cask you can look forward to:

  • A tasting bottle with 10 cl. raw alcohol from the distillery's current production.
    • We will send a tasting bottle of raw alcohol so that you can compare the starting point with the finished result (if you can refrain from drinking it before…).
  • Invitation to a joint tasting at the distillery 1½ - 2 years after filling the dish.
    • After 1½ - 2 years it is time to assess maturation together. We beat the punch off the barrel and taste the raw alcohol.
  • Invitation to a joint tasting after 3 years, when your raw spirit has been turned into whiskey.
    • After 3 years we have to call the raw spirit whiskey, and then it's time to gather again. Terms and conditions for bottling are stated in the ownership agreement.
  • You will receive a special newsletter with specific info for you as a dish owner.
    • We talk about the development of the dishes, about joint tastings on dishes and similar relevant topics.

As the owner of an entire whiskey barrel, you can also look forward to:

  • 10% discount on all the distillery's physical products (max. purchase DKK 3,000 per year for three years).
    • An extra good when you lack a little good from your local distillery.
  • 10 free tickets for a tour of the distillery.
    • Share the experience with your family or friends. They should probably also be allowed to see your whiskey cask.
  • See our selection of whole dishes and dish parts here:
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