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Contract distillation

For manufacturers, retailers and other companies,
who want to develop and present their own spirits brand

Get help producing your very own small batch of spirits.

At Thornæs Distillery, we have the capacity to perform tasks for companies, organizations and individuals who want to present their very own small batch spirits. We help with everything from recipe development to distillation, bottling, labeling and packaging.

Are you looking for a fast-track solution our white label products might be a suitable option.

Our spirits - your brand

The distillation takes place on our copper pot stills, which are ideal for the vast majority of spirits.

We offer contract distillation from a minimum of 200 liters of finished spirits, and white label orders from 120 bottles (based on existing recipes). Our production fits many levels and concepts. Contact us and let us know what you have in mind. Together we will find a solution that meets your requirements for quality, design, delivery and price.

Advantages of Contract Distillation:
  • Have your products produced at a distillery, where all processes are closely monitored and quality comes first
  • We distill in small batches, which makes it easier to control the quality and develop the product
  • We help to produce private labels, limited editions, event products, etc.
  • If you have your own recipe, we are happy to use it in our production, but we also offer help to develop completely new recipes
  • You get full distillery service from infusion and distillation to bottling, labeling and packaging
  • We offer solutions at all levels from bulk to off-the-shelf products
  • We help with storage and taxes
  • Minimum order of 200 liters of finished spirit for newly developed products.

If you want to know more about our contract distillation services, contact us at or call +45 5091 5890.