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Falkendal Snaps - WALNUT

Sale price219,00 kr

Falkendal Snaps - WALNUT: Six months of maceration and another six months of maturation are the starting point for our first batch of walnut schnapps.

Falkendal Walnut is made from green walnuts harvested in the area around Helsinge, which is our local hood. The taste is deep and intense with a fine rounded sweetness that makes the schnapps an obvious companion on everything from long walks to the well-covered cheese board.

As with any other walnut schnapps, our Falkendal WALNUT matures in the bottle and gets even tastier with age.

Vol .: 50 cl.
Alc./vol .: 40%
Year: 2020

<transcy>Falkendal Snaps - WALNUT</transcy>
Falkendal Snaps - WALNUT Sale price219,00 kr